Real Cycling. Real Exercises. Real Results.

Strap in and get ready to experience how it really feels to ride a bike.


Combining the experience of outdoor cycling with the knowledge of personal training creates an experience unmatched by other boutique cycling studios.  We feel that exercise cannot be faked, therefore you should not be coached by entertainers or actors.  You want real results without unwanted injuries.  You want CrossCycle.

Muscle Confusion

Let’s get real people.  Bicycles are meant to be ridden like bicycles, and exercises are meant to be performed the correct way – off the bike.  You won’t see our members dancing or engaging our abs while riding the bike.  Instead, CrossCycle takes you on and off the bike several times during class and confuses every inch of your body.

one caucasian man exercising fitness push ups weights exercises in studio silhouette isolated on white background

900+ CPH Burn Rate!

Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve performance, or drench yourself in sweat after a stressful day.  We teach you how to pedal to the top of mountains and conquer the finish line sprint like a champ!  You will not burn more calories in any other cycling class, guaranteed.

Our Proven Winners

Resistance is your friend.


The definition of fitness, endurance, and strength! Utilizing the bike and free-weights, this class takes members on and off the bike for the ultimate total-body workout within the walls of a cycling room. Take yourself to the next level.

  • Aerobic & Anaerobic conditioning
  • All Levels
  • Weighted Off-bike Exercises

CrossCycle® Stripped

Shred the calories and create a bit of muscle confusion in this high-energy atmosphere! This class strips away the free-weights and uses your own bodyweight for an exhilarating on-and-off the bike total-body experience.

  • Aerobic & Anaerobic Conditioning
  • All Levels
  • Bodyweight Off-bike Exercises

CrossCycle® Torched

This class merges the heat of our newest Torched format with power of CrossCycle® for a workout unlike anything you have seen before.   Get ready to light your body and calories on fire!!

  • Aerobic & Anaerobic Conditioning
  • All Levels
  • Ladder-based Formatting
  • Weighted & Bodyweight Off-bike Exercises

LIVE! Classes

No really, it's live with no pause button.

Streaming Video

With a beautiful Vermont studio as a backdrop, we are streaming via Facebook Live to those of you at home or gym.  Connect with a phone, tablet, or internet TV paired to blue tooth wireless earbuds and you are good to go!


No Waitlists

Tune in from anywhere in the world and experience a more personalized approach to group fitness.  You set the rules.  You set the limits.  You set the price.

  • Never miss a class
  • Remain completely anonymous
  • Work at your pace
  • Pay what you want

Classes & Equipment

Everything from Cycling, CrossCycle, Torched, Tabata, TRX, Core conditioning, and various functional formats that use common equipment found in most fitness centers.

  • Bike or indoor trainer
  • Weighted & bodyweight
  • Vipr, Bosu ball, & Swiss ball

Plug & Play

Do your members proud.


Give us your heart and we will give you our love.  We want to help you offer something to members that will set you apart from the rest, and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. You supply the studio & instructors.
  2. We supply the training, workouts, & music.
  3. We both win. 

Licensing / Training

It’s simple really.  We provide your facility with FREE instructor training, updated workouts, and our Spotify playlists.

Instructor Certification
Workouts & Music
No Cost To You

It Works Really Well

They say that you should thoroughly test out a product before releasing it to the masses, and that’s exactly what we did.   Over the past 7 years, we have been testing, tweaking, and putting our classes through the trenches in the hottest gym in town, Equinox Boston – Franklin street.  Thousands of sold out classes later, we have single handedly created something people want more of, and we want you to be a part of it.

Classes Coached



Unlike traditional indoor cycling classes consisting of mainly women, our classes attract just as many men.  Strength training combined with interval training has proven to burn more calories, and CrossCycle® does all of this in a low-impact way that is friendly to joints.  Being able to hit both cardio & strength in one shot is key to the success of this program.    

Our Affiliates

It's about teamwork.